Increase the range of your Zigbee network with a Zigbee router

If the range of your Zigbee coordinator is a bit disappointing, some sensors will be disconnected from your Zigbee network. Annoying, because you cannot receive information from those sensors. You can improve and enlarge the mesh through a device powered by 230v, such as a lamp. They also act as a Zigbee router and increase […]

How to use Zigate Zigbee gateway with Synology NAS and domoticz

To have a stable and reliable network of sensors and lamps, more and more people are using the affordable alternative to Zwave, Zigbee. By linking a Zigbee Gateway to domoticz you can easily use multiple systems from multiple manufacturers at the same time. Consider, for example, the Ikea Tradfri lamps, Philips Hue or Xiaomi Aqara […]